GEE 81
PTA 79
SYD 75
HAW 81
WBD 90
STK 50
MEL 122
GCS 87
RIC 81
ESS 66
ADE 143
FRE 43
May 28
May 28
Etihad Stad.
May 28
Domain Stad.

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Dream-Stats Re-launch. March 8th, 2017.

Yeah... about that...

2016 was a big year. From student to employed, from single to married. Lots of change, lots of things to keep me occupied and busy and away from Dream-Stats. But we're back! We're back and focused on re-launching Dream-Stats before the 2017 AFL Season commences.

Get ready for a new Dream-Stats in 2017.

Dream-Stats re-design delay, player analysis preview

In true Dream-Stats fashion, we've missed the deadline on our re-design. It's coming along nicely, but re-building everything from scratch is definitely taking longer than expected. One of the reasons why is trying to ensure everything is running smoothly, but it's also due to the inclusion of fancy new features, such as Player Analysis!

Whether on the player's profile page or on your linked team page, you will soon be able to find weekly player analysis notes, such as the following:

These analysis notes provide you a weekly snapshot of a player's performance without digging into the raw stats. It will also include notes regarding to byes, injuries and price changes. In addition to providing analysis on a per-player basis, we'll be doing so on a team-basis as well:

These summaries will appear for your linked teams, and will be useful in getting an overview on how your team's been performing over the last few weeks, and how they're expected to perform against upcoming opponents. Definitely a handy feature to have.

Expect the next update on the re-design sometime next week. Here's to a great 2016!

- Shady

Dream-Stats! 2016! Change!

G'day all! 2016 is upon us and Dream-Stats is gearing up for change. I've been a bit lax with updates in the last couple of years, but there's a reason for that; I had a degree to complete! Well now with that out of the way, I'm in overdrive rebuilding the website from scratch.

As you can see from above, the first major change is a completely re-designed website, which automatically adjusts the content depending on which device you're using. Yep, we'll soon be mobile friendly.

What about features? Well, you'll be able to link multiple teams, track your opposition's teams, see which players our users are bringing in week-to-week and track your team's performance against all linked teams.

Mobile apps? Well, we're in awkward territory with the apps now that we have a website which caters towards mobile users, but both the Android and iOS Dream-Stats apps will be getting an update later in the year. The Live Ladder app will also be updated and made into a more general-purpose AFL app.

So when can we expect all of this? We'll take it one step at a time, but the re-design will definitely make it before season kick-off!

- Shady

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