COL 76
RIC 46
CAR 63
MEL 101
SYD 56
BRL 81
GWS 105
GCS 61
GEE 83
ESS 71
PTA 92
FRE 53
ADE 117
WCE 50
HAW 62
WBD 119
STK 84
NTH 65

Dream-Stats Chat Room Rules and Regulations

Please note that the ban estimations are included for our mods to use as a guide. Actual bannings may be a lot more lenient or a lot more severe, depending on the issue at hand.

Updated 17th August 2013

  • Player abuse has been getting out of hand. Comments like "piss off" or "F*** off" are not acceptable. Calling players retarded is not acceptable. Insulting players for playing well is not acceptable. Just don't do it. What is acceptable? Criticism. Don't make it personal and try to keep it relatively clean.
  • False information and unsubstantiated rumours - Posting false information which derails chat will result in a ban.

Dream-Stats Chat Rules (time limits for bans are outdated - ignore them)

  • The Dream-Stats chat rooms are primarily for discussing AFL and AFL Dream Team. Off topic discussions are not entirely forbidden, but please do so only during half time. Even so, please make sure these off topic discussions are not breaking any other rules. If discussions stray too far off topic, a warning will be issued to get back on topic. Refusal to do so may result in a 5 to 10 minute ban.
  • Do not ask the mods to ban other users. They're there for a reason. If you think they should be banned, report them.
  • Do not wish injuries upon players. This will result in a ban nine times out of ten.
  • Do not complain about a banning in the chat room. This will cause discussion derailment. Contact a mod directly via your inbox if you want to comment on a ban
  • Captain jokes are lame. Don't do it.
  • Do not use the chat room as a forum to constantly vent your frustration. If you're constantly complaining about a low scoring player or worse, a player that's scoring well, you'll likely be banned for a short period of time. Take your negativity elsewhere.
  • Chat about games should remain in their respective chat rooms. No discussions of injuries, player forms or scores. You won't be banned for stating a score update, but you will be if you spoil something major (injury and scores fall under 'major'). Please avoid talking about games in other match chats as people may be watching it on delay. Depending on the spoiler, this may lead to a ban anywhere between an hour to a couple of days.
  • Please avoid discussion derailing posts. If someone posts a message in order to get a reaction out of other members, they'll likely see a 30 to 60 minute ban. Discussion derailing posts which are of a sexual and offensive nature will be dealt with more severely.
  • The continuous abuse of AFL players or teams are not allowed. This includes consistently swearing at players or teams just because they aren't performing so well. Doing so not only makes you look like a tool, but it also adds nothing to the discussion at hand. Doing so may result in a 60 to 120 minute ban.
  • Personal attacks and degrading insults directed towards other members will not be tolerated. This includes racist, religious, cultural and personal attacks. Depending on the severity, this may result in anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of months. Nobody should feel uncomfortable posting.
  • Do not post personal information of other users. You'll likely receive a warning at first, but being a repeat offender will see you banned for at least a week.
  • Religious discussions are strictly forbidden. These never end well and do not belong in a footy chat room. The initiator of it and all inappropriate posts relating to it will see a heavy ban.
  • Even though there's a swear filter in place, please avoid excessive swearing. Constant swearing just makes you come across as aggressive (and a bit unstable). Continuous swearing after a warning may see you banned for an hour or two.
  • DO NOT bypass the swear filter. It's there for a reason.
  • Posting links are allowed, but anything not related to football is highly discouraged. Also, avoid posting meme pictures as they're often not funny.
  • Any links which direct to adult content are strictly forbidden. Doing so will lead to a year long ban.
  • Do not create multiple accounts. If you're found to have multiple accounts and are using them to 'troll', both accounts will be banned anywhere between a couple of months to a couple of decades. Seriously.
If you wish to contest a ban, please use your inbox to contact Shady or use this Contact form (be sure to include your email and username).

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